K to 12 Basic Education Program

 05 - 16 - 13
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MANILA, Philippines – President Aquino yesterday signed the K to 12 Basic Education Program law, which adds two years to basic education and makes enrollment of children in kindergarten compulsory.

Aquino signed Republic Act 10533 or the “Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013” barely three weeks before the opening of classes in public and private schools nationwide on June 3.

Under the K to 12 program, children are required to enroll in kindergarten before they can begin six years of primary education.

Two years will be added to the four-year high school curriculum.

The law also mandates the use of the mother tongue as the medium of instruction from kindergarten to third grade before English is introduced.

The additional years will serve as a specialization period for senior high school students, whether in vocational skills, music, arts or sports. They will be prepared in middle-level skills development, entrepreneurship, employment and tertiary education.

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