Junior Academy students successfully defended their Science and Math Investigatory Projects

 03 - 11 - 19
Southern Philippine Adventist College News

Junior Academy students have successfully defended their Sience and Math Investigatory Projects on March 5 for this school year 2018-2019 with much excitement and joyous anxiety. Where this was only a requirement for grade 10 students in the past years, all levels participation is now a requirement since three years ago for all junior academy students to enhance their skills in investigatory research-type projects and at the same build in them confidence to do reaserach even at the early stage of their schooling in the academy.

Students in every level were divided into different groups with each leader assigned to design their own study based on a specimen given. A different panel of teachers and outide experts served as their judges and examinineers during their defense. A day prior to their defense, the students exhibited their projects inside the La Sage auditorium for evaluation by their teachers. This event is a yearly and final requirement for the junior academy students before they can proceed to the next year level. SIP is now on its 12th year, while MIP on its 3rd year. Congratulations to the Principal and teachers for the job well done.

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