Informatics Sportfest 2016

 10 - 20 - 16
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July 25 – 30, 2016 were indeed very special days for Informatics Cainta as the students, teachers and professors celebrated the Infolympics. Activities such as ball games, cheering competition, cosplay, relay games and Mr. & Miss Informatics Cainta gave color to the events. Supervised by the teachers and professors assigned to each team, students from different colleges and senior high school actively participated. The event was commenced by an opening prayer followed by Mr. and Miss Informatics Cainta pageant, and cosplay. The first day was tough for all the teams as they battled each other to take the first place in the scoresheets.
The last day of the event was very exciting. Here, every team proved who was the strongest and be awarded the champion. In basketball, player shed blood, sweat and tears as they clashed inside the court. Emotions rose especially when that last basket made the Avengers the overall champion. What an exciting game! the crowd roared for their teams to keep their spirits up. Events like this promotes sportsmanship and camaraderie among us students. I am looking forward for another memorable event next year.

Writter: Kristoffer Uy

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