ICMAS engages in a week-long Intramurals

 11 - 08 - 15
Immaculate Conception Major Seminary News
The ICMASINOS held its annual celebration of Intramurals 2015, focusing on the theme Team up: Building teams, Bridging gaps. It was held from the 4th until the 7th of November. The whole community is divided into 6 teams. Pink Parmenas, Red Prochorus, Green Philip, Yellow Nicolaus, White Timon, and Blue Nicanor events will be consisting of ball and board games, adding this year’s newest gimmick: the Pastoral Health Fitness Competition.
The Intrams started through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, presided by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel I. Cruz, Rector of ICMAS, opening rites immediately followed, through the hoisting of flags of different teams on the opening run lead by the 6 team leaders along with their teammates, followed through the Lighting of the Torch and the announcement of the Rector of the opening of ICMAS Intramurals. The opening the elimination games for the Volleyball immediately followed at the Gymnasium. On the afternoon of that day the eliminations for the basketball is scheduled.
On the Intramurals Day 2 the marathon was scheduled. The starting line is on the seminary gymnasium. The route will go through 4 different barangays, namely Brgy. Tabe, Tiaong, Daungan, and Malis. Running through roughroads, ricefields, footbridges, and barangay roads. Seminarians fought against their exhaustion and cramps just to finish the race. After that run, the elimination for the board games is set on the morning. Serious faces of seminarians during games can be amidst the deafening distractions made by the bystanders. On the afternoon the semifinals for the ball games were held. The winning teams on yesterday’s elimination round advanced at the knockout stage. After the almost whole day exhaustive atmosphere the Holy Eucharist was again celebrated by each team.
On the third day, the semifinal game for volleyball is scheduled. Full blown spikes, perfectly designed plays, and right timing blocks were seen throughout the game. On the afternoon the final game for the basketball and volleyball is scheduled. For the basketball game the Red Prochorus and Pink Parmenas faced each other for much desired championship. While on the Volleyball game Blue Nicanor and Pink Parmenas competes for the championship trophy in the event. Pink Parmenas won both of the events.
On the last day of the Intramurals, November 7 in the morning after the physical activities and sports were done, mental toughness was tested and the indoor games were played by each players of every team. Scrabble, Chess, Dama, Games of the Generals, Darts, Pool, and Billiards were the events that will be played. You can see the serious atmosphere during the event; silence fills the gymnasium as if the community was under Great Silence. At 6:00 p.m. the mass was held for the culmination. Rev. Fr. Manny Cruz stated in his homily that the intramurals is not aimed for competition of every seminarian but for the camaraderie and deepening of the fraternal bond among seminarians, priests, and the non-teaching staff. At the culmination the different teams emerged as winners for the event, each team having wined a particular activity in the intramurals. But each activity has a corresponding point that will be tallied and gathered at the end of the intramurals. For the overall champion of this year’s intramurals the Pink Parmenas brings home the bacon.
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