03 - 30 - 17
Philippine National Police Academy News

PNPA Announces the Pooling of Guest Professors for First Semester of Academic Year 2017-2018. 



          Must possess any course related to subject preferably with a Master’s Degree or its equivalent in the following subjects:

  • General Psychology
  • General Chemistry
  • Biology with Environmental Protection
  • Ecology
  • Public Speaking
  • Philosophy
  • Criminal Law 1 – Book 1
  • Community Organizing and Development
  • Evidence
  • Technical Writing
  • Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law & Violence Against Women and their Children
  • Interpol Operation and Transnational Crime
  • Basic Swimming (every Friday only)
  • Leadership and Character Development (every Friday only) (preferably retired police officer)
  • Aikido (every Friday only)
  • Drugs and Vice Control
  • Introduction to Fire Service, Community and Media Relations
  • Fire Code of the Philippines
  • Fire Prevention and Protection
  • National Building Code
  • Fire Hydraulics, Apparatus and Equipment/Hazardous Materials
  • Philippine Electrical Code with Basic Circuits
  • Introduction to Jail Service, Community and Media Relations
  • Penal Management, Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Institutional and Community-Based Corrections
  • Inmates, Welfare and Development, Rights and Privileges
  • Custody, Security and Control
  • Probation, Parole, Pardon and Commutation of Sentence

Work Experience:

          Preferably with at least three (3) years of teaching experience in their respective field of expertise in respectable schools, colleges and universities.


          Fluency in English (both written and oral) is a must.

How to apply:

          Qualified applicants may submit their application folder with the following contents to the Dean, Academic Affairs Office, Philippine National Police Academy, Camp General Mariano N. Castaneda, Silang, Cavite NLT April 12, 2017 or email at [email protected] 

  • Tab A  - Letter of intent to teach indicating the subject to be taught
  • Tab B  - Resume'
  • Tab C  - Sample Lesson Plan for teaching including the sample questionnaire

Additional documents to be submitted upon approval of application to teach

            Qualified applicants will be required to submit their Syllabus with manuscript for the whole semester two (2) weeks before the signing of contract or a month before the start of classes which should contain the following:

  • Daily Lesson Plans;
  • Lesson Manuscript;
  • PowerPoint Presentation and other Instructional Materials;
  • Timetable; and
  • Course Outline


  • Reasonable professional remuneration;
  • Use of PNPA Hostel free of charge;
  • Other PNPA Facilities; and
  • Fresh Air and peaceful environment.


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