Guidelines on On-Line Examination

 12 - 03 - 13
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1. The student shall have submitted to AIDE his module test/s of the subject/s he is going to take the test for.

2. The student then schedules his online examination two days before the actual exam. Examination days are Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Philippine time. If the exam falls on the day where there is no office schedule, a service fee of Php 300.00 will be charged. Examinations for only two subjects are allowed per day.

3. The student will open his/her yahoo messenger. On the title menu of yahoo messenger, click Actions then scroll down to more actions and click view my webcam. Webcam is to be open during the entire examination.

4. Upon application for on-line examination, student will inform AIDE the subjects he is going to take the examination for.

5. AIDE will send the final exam being asked for. The student can print or view the said final exam using MS Word. Answers can be written in a separate sheet of paper.

6. After finishing the exam, the student shall send right-away via e-mail all his answers.


1. The duration of the on-line examination is 2 hours maximum. The student is not allowed to browse his modules or any other reference materials. This is to ensure the integrity of the examination.

2. Make sure that the webcam is facing you to enable AIDE to see your body or a side-view thereof.

3. Observe proper etiquette by choosing an appropriate place and attire for the exam.

For your guidance.

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