Filamerians invade regional film scene

 10 - 10 - 17
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Filamerians were known to excel in whatever aspects or fields of discipline either academic or artistic. From board topnotchers to effective leaders, to standout singers and even stunning beauty queens- name it, and we have a Filamer blood to represent it.

Now, another history has been made by Filamerians. And this time, the lights and the cameras are rolling for them.


Leo Art Borres and Mia Joana Bendole take a pose during one of their breaks in the workshop.

Last December 2016, the short films individually helmed by Mia Joana Bendole (Bachelor of Secondary Education, Batch 2017) and Leo Art DiosepBorres (Bachelor of Science in Biology, Batch 2017) were both programmed as official selections for the 2016 CineKasimanwa Western Visayas Film Festival which ran from December 1-21.

Out of competition, Bendole’s thriller-drama “Baligho” premiered in Cinematheque Iloilo alongside the remastered version of classic filmmaker Marilou Diaz-Abaya’s “Karnal”.On the other hand, Borres (under the screen name L.A. Borres) has two short films programmed for the festival. His drama “November8” premiered in Cinematheque Iloilo under the program “Pagpanglakaton sang Panghuna-huna” while his other film “Nanang” premiered worldwide in SM Iloilo under the program “Tungang Gab-I kag Utdong Adlaw”, the horror leg of the festival.


November8, a short film by Borres.

CineKasimanwa is deemed as the largest regional film festival in the Philippines and is spearheaded by exemplary Ilonggo director and multidisciplinary artist Elvert D. Bañares. On its 4th run, the festival teamed up with the Department of Tourism to promote the scenic spots and unique culture of Ilonggos. It is also said that the films of Bendole and Borres, along with the films of Gary Tabanera and Fritzie Kate Giron, were the first batch of Capiznon films that were accepted in the said festival.

After the festival’s run, “Baligho” was one of the films shown during the program “Mata sang mga Babayi” in Cinematheque Iloilo in celebration of National Women’s month whereas “November8” ventured the screens of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and Cinematheque Manila as part of CineKasimanwa’s satellite screenings.


One of the scenes in Bedole's short film, Baligho.

Further, Borres and Bendole became recipients of a scholarship grant from the Film Development Council of the Philippines, CineKasimanwa and Western Visayas Filmmakers Network for the 2017 Basic Workshops in Filmmaking - a six-weekend workshop held at Cinematheque Iloilo which commenced last June 24. The workshop tackled all elements of film including film production, screenplay writing, cinematography, production design, sound design, production management, editing and even intellectual and property rights with renowned and award-winning film and television directors as lecturers namely Elvert Bañares, Ned Trespeces, TM Malones, Dr. Adrian Torres, Jag Garcia, Atty. Joenar Pueblo, Tara Illenberger, Oscar Nava, and Ray Gibraltar.

Throughout the workshop, Borres and Bendole were able to interact with other student filmmakers from the region and get to experience actual filmmaking process with their lecturers and assigned directors. On the program’s 24-hour film challenge featuring Ilonggo poetry, the two were able to work with award-winning director Tara Illenberger (Guni-guni, High Tide) in interpreting Early Sol Gadong’s poem “Inday sa Baybayon”. Individually, Bendole and Borres successfully helmed “Encantinato” and “Exploration XY”respectively, as part of their Culminating and Graduation Program. All the films premiered at Cinematheque Iloilo and are also scheduled to be shown in SM Iloilo this 2017 as part of CineKasimanwa Film Festival’s fifth-year run.



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