Ethnoastronomy: Full Moon Tonight November 3, 2017, Manghuli ng Dwende

 11 - 04 - 17
Rizal Technological University News

Posted on November 4, 2017

The Moon was beautiful last night just about before the sky darkened in twilight. I took some pictures of it from the window of my study. The Moon was behind a tangle of electric wires but it looked big. Yesterday afternoon when the shot was taken was clear, but it quickly became overcast once more at past seven.

According to Filipino legend, you can catch a dwende or dwarf during Full Moon and ask him to serve you for one year. Just stand outside the house of a dwarf or nuno sa punso at 12 midnight. The dwarf will come out. You have to catch him and get his ring, hat or shoes. The dwarf will ask you to return these to him but you should require him to serve you for one year. After this period is over, you should now return the things you have taken from the dwarf. And then it would be time to catch another dwarf. From the Encyclopedia of Filipino Folk Beliefs and Customs by Father Francisco Demetrio, S.J.

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