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 10 - 25 - 16
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DOCTOR OF OPTOMETRY is a primary eye care provider who specializes in the:
  1. Examination of the EYE and its function
  2. Diagnosis, treatment and management of visual problems and disorders of the visual system.
  3. Prescribe and dispense ophthalmic lenses, prism, contact lenses & low vision aids
  4. Conducts ocular exercises, Vision training & Orthoptics
  5. Installing prosthetic
  6. Use authorized diagnostic pharmaceutical agents and other preventive or correctives measures or procedures for the aid, correction, rehabilitation or relief of the human eye.( Extracted from RA 8050)

DOCTOR OF OPTOMETRY ranked as one among the 50 best jobs for 2011 according to income, stress, physical demands, potential growth, job security and work environment and excellent job opportunities here & abroad.

In the Philippines, the profession started as a four (4) year course. In 1998, the course increased from four to six years. The first batch of optometrists who graduates from the six-year curriculum in 2004 is authorize by law to use diagnostic pharmaceutical agents (DPAs) in their practice. A Special Pharmacology Course is likewise offered in different optometry institutions to give practitioners who graduated from the four-year course the privilege to use DPAs.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) cited Optometry as one of the most in-demand courses in the Philippines in 2012 and in the next few years. According to PRC Chairperson Teresita R. Manzala and Commissioner Jennifer Manalili, while some professions are now suffering from an oversupply of licensed professionals such as teachers, nurses, and criminologists, many other courses have been undersubscribed in the past years. Hence, the need to inform the public of what courses and professions may be considered by high school graduating students and their parents.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), through their Project Jobs Fit, has recently disclosed the list of in-demand and hard-to-fill occupations in the country for this year and the next ten (10) years.

DOLE advice students to carefully study the latest labor market information before deciding on their college or technical/vocational course, and not immediately dive in a popular course hoping to easily find employment. Unpopular courses may not be attractive to students but may provide the most productive and high-paying local jobs in the end. The result of the study from the Project Jobs Fit identified the key employment generators (KEGS) which are said to have the potential of absorbing the greatest number of Philippine workforce in the next tenyears. Optometry & opticians are included in the list of in-demand and hard-to-fill occupations. released the list of “Top Jobs in Demand for the Future” in 2013, Optometry was among in the list. According to the website that as the population keeps aging, there is naturally going to be a rise in the people facing vision problems, and this makes the optometrist career a lucrative and in demand career.

The COLLEGE OF OPTOMETRY of Mindanao Medical Foundation College got its government recognition in 1979 under MATS College of Technology that became one of its flagship medical course. It was the first optometry school in Mindanao. In April,2014, CHED Davao released the new government recognition for the College of Optometry to operate under Mindanao Medical Foundation College.

For six (6) years, the College of Optometry garnered consistent 100% board examination performance.

  1. It produced board placers & successful entrepreneurs.
  2. Complete Optometric Clinical & laboratory Equipments
  3. Excellent linkages & student clinical exposures
  4. Offers Academic Scholarship Program

The degree of Doctor of Optometry shall be an academic undertaking recognized in the Philippines which is locally and globally accepted. It shall be the minimum standard by which schools measure their performance in terms of optometry development. Symbol of quality shall be competence, ethical values, teamwork and ability of students to respond to the patient needs in the eye health care delivery system.

It aims to develop optometry students who are professionally competent with desirable personal traits through leadership in education, research, industry, clinical field of specialization and commitment to serve the eye health care needs of the country and of the local and global community.

(In accordance with CHED MEMORANDUM ORDER (CMO) No. 38 Series of 2007)

The Optometry department of Mindanao Medical Foundation College envisions itself to become an excellent institution by adopting international standards of scientific learning keeping itself open to global changes with the intermingling of Christian values and strengthening the profession to the highest level.

The department is committed to every student to become scientifically skilled persons, train them through globally accepted standard of optometric education, so that every graduate will be fully equipped to meet the needs of the society and be an excellent practitioner in the art and science of vision care.


  1. To implement policies and guidelines in line with the vision and mission of the department.
  2. To prepare students for excellence in the practice of optometry.
  3. To provide the opportunity for students to develop their potential for leadership in their profession and community.
  4. To develop in students interpersonal skills for the sensitive and responsive delivery of eye care.
  5. To develop and support faculty in the continuing professional education with advance research knowledge making them highly skilled and competent educators.
  6. To keep faculty abreast of the advanced technology and mode of teaching that will usher in producing competent graduates.
  7. To provide state of the art facilities and conducive learning environment that will enhance student’s holistic capabilities.
  8. To encourage and create linkages among alumni as potential partner for the improvement of the department.
  9. To promote Godly values and standard for service and leadership in the community.
  10. To provide quality services for the students to function effectively and
  11. establish harmonious relationship.
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