December 2017

 01 - 27 - 18
Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary News

On Dec 4, Fr. Provincial Jun Viray visited the seminary. He received the manifestation of the three Jesuits here, Norlan Julia, Mat Sanchez, and Robbie Sian. He also presided in the regular Monday  Eucharistic Celebration of the community. Warmly, the seminarians welcomed him as they listened intently to his homily. On that same night, the seminary also held its 2nd community meeting for the 2nd semester. The next day, Dec 5, the seminary joined the celebration of the opening of the Year of the Clergy and Consecrated Persons at the San Agustin Cathedral. The seminarians served as choir in the said Mass.

The well anticipated Caroling 2017 started on December 7. The seminarians were divided into groups and for four nights (Dec. 7, 8, 9, 13) they have visited the homes of the seminary’s benefactors and friends in CDO – sharing with them the spirit and joy of Christmas.  Each group, named after the three wise men, was accompanied by a formator.  In celebration of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, the seminarians had an organized games in the morning (Basketball and Volleyball) played between the two sub-communities of SJVTS. And in view of the next day’s event, seminarians (who have no caroling that afternoon) spent their time for preparations.

The next day, December 9, one of the most awaited activity for the semester began, and this was the Family Days.  In fact, even the day before, some parents had already arrived. The whole day of Saturday was spent bonding with the parents – mostly city tours. After dinner with parents, a short program was held. Seminarians introduced their parents to the community. Messages were given from among the seminarians and parents, and some parlor games were held that surely added life and fun to the program. In the morning of the next day, December 10, the families had their recollection facilitated by Ms. Venus Guibone. There, the parents and seminarians were able to hear enlightening message about Christmas and the value of family, and each families were also given the chance to open up their feelings and emotions during the sharing. Due to some request, some selected seminarians, were asked to choir a Eucharistic Celebration at Carmelite monastery. In the afternoon, the recollection of the benefactors was held. Participated by good number of benefactors, it was facilitated by Fr. Rey Raluto. After his input, confessions followed. At 5pm, the traditional Posadas was held. Immediately after the Posadas was the Eucharistic Celebration presided by Fr. Rector, Norlan Julia. After the mass, a festive dinner was shared by the whole congregation.


“Each month we sit under the word of God together, opening our selves not primarily to information, but to transformation.”


Over 60 ministries are currently represented at our church. The Ministry to Internationals promotes the diverse and cosmopolitan character of our church, in order that we might increasingly become a "house of prayer for all nations".

On the feast of St. John of the Cross, December 14, the seminary held a Christmas Party for the staff of SJVTS together with their families. The staff of San Jose Seminary graced the said party with their presence as they joined the community in a festive dinner. After dinner, a program was held dedicated to the seminary workers and their families. After the program, the brothers from Galilee Year also invited the community to visit their building and join them as they celebrated the feast of their patron.

The next day, December 15, marked the departure of seminarians for the out-of-town-caroling. Divided into three groups, the seminarians left to carol at three different places. The first group was assigned to the Municipality of El Salvador, the second group to the parishes of Maramag, Don Carlos and Kibawe in Bukidnon, and the last group was assigned to Gingoog and Butuan City. In the morning, the seminarians rested and enjoy the accommodations of the hosts Parish. In the afternoon and evening, they moved from house to house to sing carols. The seminarians also conduct their caroling during dawn masses. On December 18, right after breakfast, the caroling ends and it also marked the beginning of the Christmas break. Escorted towards the terminals, the seminarians went home to their family safely.

Robbie Sian and Robert Selecios went to Mary the Queen on Dec 9 and 10 for a mission appeal. The generosity of the parish led by parish priest, Guy Guibelondo gained for the seminary a huge amount of around four hundred thousand pesos. This will be used to fund the renovation of  some portion of the seminarians’ dorms.  On Dec 18, Robbie Sian left for Manila to spend the Christmas break with his family. Norlan Julia and Mat Sanchez represented the seminary in the installation of former SJVTS rector, Pops Repole, as the new rector of San Jose Seminary on Dec. 12. From there, Mat started his Christmas vacation. Norlan Julia stayed on in the seminary until December 26.

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