Culture of Negativism

 08 - 14 - 17
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Posted on August 18, 2017

Every morning while preparing for work, I often open the TV to a morning show, which after the program opening jingle proceeds right away to their “Ronda Reports.”  The “Ronda Reports” always show dead people, such as those who “nanlaban sa mga pulis” during a drug raid and “nakuhanan ng dalawang hinihinalang sachet ng shabu,” or a “holdaper” whom the police cornered in a narrow street and was killed.  There are always dead motorcycle riders, old people run over by vehicles, rape cases, and massacres.  Just in case the reports become so violent, I have the remote control of the TV ready to punch another channel.  In the article Culture of Negativism written by Joel Villaseca which appeared in Inquirer (November 14, 2015), Mr. Villaseca so aptly put into words how we can describe the propensity of people to look for the negative in events:

I’VE HEARD a number of people, mostly fellow Filipinos, assert that we have a culture of negativism. They say we Filipinos seem to have a special talent for homing in on the bad news, on other people’s foibles, especially those in the government and those seeking to run it. With one unfortunate comment, we pounce, and pounce hard, judging that person as if his or her entire being were contained in that one unfortunate comment (or two), disregarding the totality of his or her life, the things done, the choices made, however honorable, however worthy of praise.

This culture breeds additional similar cultures such as the culture of envy and the culture of anger. All that it takes in an organization is a group of that will spread lies and negativism and discontent.  All that is needed is one person who will spread anger, someone who is in his or her nature negative, and the entire organization—or university—is infected. 

It is best to avoid these people.  “Don’t befriend angry people or associate with hot-tempered people, or you will learn to be like them and endanger your soul.”  Proverbs 22:24-25

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