06 - 08 - 17
West Visayas State University News

The College of Nursing (CON) welcomed three accreditors for the 1st Formal Survey Visit today at the CON Amphitheater as preparation for this year’s institutional accreditation. The said visit will run from May 24- 26, 2017 for the accreditation of the Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) program to pass Level 1.

CON Dean Dr. Rosana Grace Belo-Delariarte praised her team of hardworking nursing professors “I am amazed by the energy, dedication, and patience that these men and women have showed, I can clearly see how committed they are towards the college’s goal because they have gone back to the university despite them being on summer break.  Truly, their thirst for quality and excellence remains unquenched”. Dr. Delariarte further explained that that the result of CON’s accreditation as a college somehow depends of this 3-day survey visit where M.A.N. program is will be checked and observed.

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