Chess master maintains title

 01 - 27 - 18
Cebu Technological University News

The driving force to accommodate challenge was seen in chess contender who will repeat his national experience.

Kirk Aia Cuizon spoke to UICPA about his great  appreciation to Coach Mary Joy Alit  for her massive support.

“Always gyud mi niya i-encourage to  just do our best lang gyud. Dili sad mi niya i-pressure nga kinahanglan makadaug gyud mi.”

Like any athlete, the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in refrigeration student looks  forward to another unique experience at the national arena, where equally competent players are certainly making the test difficult to surpass. Hence, Cuizon is anticipating grueling days ahead to better prepare for the competition two weeks from now.

“Happy sad kaau ko  kay madala nasad sa nationals….More trainings pa gyud kinahanglanon.”

Moreover, two silver medals for men and another two for women category were added to the winnings.

Regional team included Daniel Lorenzo Minoza, Junry Romero, Renante Quezon, Jonahly Alesna, Shella Mae Lapas and Rosefil Cabigon. RM/UICPA


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