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 03 - 13 - 13
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To those who have been asking whether BRAIN TRAIN is open for franchising, here's our reply:

While opening BRAIN TRAIN for franchising to the public will definitely keep the moolah coming without much effort from the main office, we limit the franchiseonly to longtime BRAIN TRAIN teachers and staff. So it's almost saying that BRAIN TRAIN is not open for franchising.


First, we do not want BRAIN TRAIN to fall into the hands of virtual strangers. Sure, interested franchisers will submit their biodata and all (including "character references", which are basically people who they know will say good things about them).  But we do not think this is sufficient.

The men and women behind BRAIN TRAIN started from scratch (see BRAIN TRAIN History HERE), and it will be very unfortunate if some jaded educator (ie, a teacher who is bored out of his wits teaching who now wants to have a business) or wily businessman franchisee will cut corners and the BRAIN TRAIN brand suffers.

We want BRAIN TRAIN only in the hands of people whom we've seen work--people who know how seriously we take care of BRAIN TRAIN.  We only want people who we are sure have a heart for education and not business; people whose hearts will bleed for deserving students who are having trouble; and people who are willing to be inconvenienced just to push a student further. Jaded educators and wily businessmen are not our cup of tea.

Second is the teachers issue. Teachers are arguably the most important factor in review classes, as the things that come out of their mouths might spell the difference between a student's passing and failing.

As almost all former BRAIN TRAIN students have testified, BRAIN TRAIN teachers are among the best teachers they have encountered. Ever. And rightly so. These days, becoming a BRAIN TRAIN teacher may be more difficult than becoming a UP instructor.  BRAIN TRAIN teachers are not all about academic credentials--it's about scholastic achievement AND charisma AND work ethics AND trainability/humility. Frankly, this combination is hard to find.  Humility aside, we know that many businessfolks will grab the opportunity to have a BRAIN TRAIN franchise (based on the volume of franchise inquiries we are getting). BRAIN TRAIN Centers will mushroom nationwide, and we will be in dire need of new teachers. We do not want to hire new teachers just for the sake of filling up teaching positions. We cannot allow franchisees to hire teachers whom we haven't screened and trained.


We have nothing against franchising.  In fact, we believe that it is a wise business strategy.  But not when it comes to our business.  
This is not some beverage business whose ubiquity (and even blandness) will be a welcome sight to a thirsty pedestrian.  Or a fastfood joint that will calm a grumbling stomach.  A dissatisfied client would have just wasted a few minutes and a few bucks for these services.

But an UPCAT or College Entrance Review could spell a huge difference in a student's life.  We are talking about parents spending hard-earned money because they believe we can help their kids get into the universities that will open a plethora of opportunities for them.  We are talking about the things that will be inculcated into the minds of the students--things that they will use when making decisions.  And probably most trivial of them all, we are talking about the summertime--a time most students look forward to, which might be wasted by a poor review quality. ;)

To those who want to get into an UPCAT review business for profit's sake, please reconsider (and consider the fact that after next year, UPCAT reviews will go into hiatus because of the K+12 program.  Your investments this year and next year might just be wasted).

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