BOOTH! anyone? |Opening of 13th SLSU anniversary

 03 - 01 - 17
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Booth, anyone? |13th SLSU anniversary

As the sun moves through the horizon, a cheerful display of all the Colleges in the different colleges and Senior High of the University has come together in a unified gathering that sets a beautiful site for all. Food, drinks, inventions, souvenirs, and a whole lot of exciting innovations of things that our eyes will thirst for, sure enough you will be quenched by the satisfying feeling of discovering not only the new things but the overall fun that brought it!

The Institute of Arts and Science Technology, Senior High has made a booth with collections of different souvenirs mostly based on one of the famous event in Cebu, “Sinulog” the feather bracelet and head dress sure gave a new attractive fashion sense for everyone to try. They also presented different art displays, of course by their very own students.

The College of Aquatic and Applied Life Sciences gave a curious attack on the crowd by adding something fun in it. Seaweed and shrimp anyone? Yes, you heard me right! Seaweed in a chocolate chip cookie, seaweed ice-candy and shrimp macaroons, sky’s the limit for this sweet yet healthy treat! Aquatic accessories with shell-inspired designed sure is a keeper. The College of Engineering and Technology displayed their inventions together with the students of Computer Engineering with their thesis that will bring trigger your curiousness on the brilliant designs like the development of SCARA plus Z-axis, Autonomous Hatchery Monitoring System and the Potato Quality Checker and Grading Systems. No budget? No Problem! HRTM has made a way for budget-constrained students to at least have a “taste” of things. Of course, everything is for evaluation, but still! Sweet potatoes pastillas, sweet potato munchkin, rice cake with palmwine sure will give approval to your stomach. Looking for something harder? The CET Food prep. made a way for those who like to have expeditions on different shots of liquors. Ever heard of “Sex on the Beach”, “SLSU Novelino”, “Screw Driver”, or “Slippery Nipple Shot?” this exquisite drinks will increase your fantasy flavor, cheap and affordable, grants you a hint of life in the bartending lurking in cities. This is just a taste of what is about to happen in 13th SLSU anniversary celebration. Be sure to explore, learn and most importantly enjoy the various mind-blowing activities that is about to come! 

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