09 - 29 - 16
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BAAM!beat of the drum. It’s only a sign that the BAPTI – UBDAN DAING “Festival of Talents” comes to a commence. Excited faces, sleepy heads, nervous hearts and different moods filled up the atmosphere.

img_1495The opening of Ubdan Daing started with a parade — parade of the participating schools namely DCCP, Informatics, STI, ATVIB, KCP (King’s College of the Philippines), MEDLINE-ITI, PWU (Philippines Womens University), MMS-DTCC, BSBT (Baguio School of Business and Technology), NIIT, BCT (Baguio College of Technology), PCC (Pines City Colleges). The long and eye-catching parade started at SM City –Baguio and proceeded for the opening program at the Baguio Convention Center. Each schools prepared different colorful banners and tarpaulins, other brought balloons and majority used color-coding definitely on their clothes to emphasize their schools. Even the chilling and freezing breeze accompanied with the drizzle didn’t stop the students to continue the parade until the end.

It takes one hour for the parade to be finished, exactly 9:00 in the morning all the participating schools entered Baguio Convention dome.Senior High ICT Enthusiastically, the emcee welcomed everyone and it’s too proud to say that DCCP half-up the population of the attendants. To chill and fill up the atmosphere in the dome the emcee raised an ice-breaker – each school should have representative to showcase their talents which is exactly accordingly with UBDAN DAING’s theme this year “Fostering Meaningful Change through Synergy and Cooperation.”

The official program started exactly 10:00 in the morning with the parade of colors proceeded by singing the National Anthem and img_1516Doxology. A heart-whelming and cheerful welcome remarks was given by Mr.Vladimir Cayabas (BAPTI President). Without further ado , the guest speaker – Mr.Faustino shared his inspirational and motivational speech. Immediately, it is followed by a cultural dance intermission from BSBT  and joyfully the representative per school raised each school’s banner. Minutes later, Mr. Faustino led the induction of the new sets of officers of BAPTI then Certificates of Participation is given to all schools who participated.

To bring more excitement to the crowd, STI dance off a wow-dance number and at last, the most awaited part – the appointed personnel officially opened the BAPTI UBDAN DAING “Festival of Talents”. Different competitions are undertaken on the proceeding hours.

The fest will last until September 30,2016 which will end with a pageant night.

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