Another 8 Closed-Circuit Televisions, or CCTVs, are now on 24/7 duty in San Carlos College.

 03 - 08 - 19
San Carlos College News

A total of P45,000 was expensed for the installation of CCTVs. The previous CCTV installation cost about P20,000 and followed by another set of 8 CCTVs which expensed an estimate of P25,000.

CCTVs serve the purpose of securing the school grounds from any misbehavior such as bullying. These are placed in different parts of SCC –in the Basic Education Department and in the college building.

“I feel safer because of the thought that CCTVs eye our school. And because of these, the higher authorities could quickly take some necessary actions whenever there is something bad happens inside the premise,” says Ara Grace Casillan, a senior high school student.


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