A Golden Experience

 10 - 08 - 16
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                In year 2014 it is were my starting point to experience the quality of education in Golden Success College. During my freshmen years I’m a little bit shy, I always reject their offer about the Mr. & Ms. Intramurals due to my stage fright, I don’t do some oral recitation nor even joining some performances on stage because I don’t have that confident to face people  but I thought that my journey as a student will just settle in that place. As the years goes by Golden Success College slowly molding me to become a leader and to bloom my talents. In my second year experience  there is an audition  of dance troupe since dancing is my passion  I didn’t hesitate to join the said matter so I’ve done through audition and luckily I was being  qualified to be part of them. The school president also help me to boost my confidence I was trained in the office by doing some office works and also answering mock calls though sometimes I experience being scolded and I end up crying in the comfort room but I know there is a purpose and it is a part of the training. Now that I’m a 3rd year college I am very thankful that I am part of this school because I have now the confidence to join debate, perform on stage, controlling the pressure when facing people and lastly to be a leader. I am currently the president of the I.T department at the same time the Vice-President of the Supreme Student Government of the college department. Still I got some mistakes but at least I am grateful that there is big difference of what I am before from what I aim today.  I think that would be my Golden experience in Golden Success College.  


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