6th National Criminalistics Training

 07 - 06 - 17
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6th National Criminalistics Training Held in Baguio City in May 22-28, 2017

Every year, criminologist coming from different parts of the country whether on the academe or on the law enforcement field are participating in this training. The said event is a 1 week training consisting of daily activities. The training starts with a daily morning devotion where in the participants are able to strengthen their faith. After the devotion program. the participants are headed to their respective classes, depending on their chosen specialization. On their classes, the participants are able to experience hands on exercises in the fields of criminalistics, namely: forensic ballistics, polygraph, forensic chemistry and legal medicine. Through these exercises, participants are able to refresh their learning on the said fields as well as acquire additional information that can help them in their respective chosen field. In order to assess the learning of the participants, activities such as crime scene demonstration wherein the participants are grouped and were given a specific case in which they have to conduct a simulation of crime scene investigation was conducted, a moot court was also conducted in which every participant will act as an expert witness in a simulated court and the final written examination was held on the last day of the said training. All of these activities were graded and luckily, yours truly was able to land on the top spot of our class which was the legal medicine class


Lea L. Legard (Participant)

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