41st STS/SSAT/SSPC/SSU Alumni Homecoming

 01 - 26 - 18
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The Host Batch (High School Batch of 1992) formally announces the activities of the 41st Grand Alumni Homecoming on April 2-8, 2018. Dubbed as Homecoming of the Stars, it aims to honor the Star of Batches in the High School, College, Graduate and Post Graduate levels. The Star of the Batch are those in the eyes of their batch exudes the characters of the university. Recently, the Board of Regents of Samar State University approved the tagline that reads “We Innovate We Build We Serve” that encapsulates what a SSU personnel, its students and alumnus/alumna should be. From the batch nominees, the Outstanding Alumna/Alumnus named as the Outstanding Star Alumnus will be selected by a committee using these criteria which can be downloaded here. (Please use this personal data sheet and nomination form to formally nominate your batchmate.)

To make the one-week celebration more fun, entertainment shows that includes a parade, showdown of stars and fun run of the stars will be conducted. There are also some guest stars to entertain the homecoming participants. Making the event more meaningful are the mission days to be led by the host batch such as medical, surgical, dental services, gift giving and mangrove tree planting. There are also other batches who expressed willingness to conduct other mission activities to selected communities of their choice.

List of activities is enumerated below. The prizes of competitions and its corresponding guidelines are available in this link for download. You can also like the 41st Homecoming Facebook Page for more recent updates.



Grand Alumni Homecoming Activities

April 2-8, 2018

Day 1



AMThanksgiving Mass
Stars Kick Off Motorcade Parade (Jubilarians are encouraged to join, other batches are requested to be represented as well for the unveiling of their Batch Star Poster)
PMBasketball Goodwill Games (Basketball Games between Selected Batches)
7:00 PMNight Run of the Stars (Runners wearing masks of stars). Runners pay a minimal amount for the singlet and other expenses for the run.
Day 2



AMMission Day 1

a) Prison Visit

b) Medical, Surgical and Dental Services. (Venue: SSU Gymnasium)

Note: The Host Batch and the Alumni Association are open to other batches who would like to conduct similar activities or to take part of the mission events of the host batch.

PMGoodwill games continuation
7:00 PMA Night of Laughter (Concert)

An invited entertainer from Manila (Surprise Artist, watch out for the announcement)

Day 3



AMMission Day 2

Mangrove Tree Planting in Brgy. Popua

Food for Kids (Five Baranggays)

PMContinuation of goodwill games
Day 4



7:00 PMTestimonial Night of the Stars

with special presentations from the jubilarians and the host batch.

Venue: SSU Gymnasium

Day 5



3:00 PMGrand Parade of the Stars

w Star Floats of Batches (The chosen batch icon is paraded in a float. Please see criteria for judging of best float)

w Float of Batch 92 kids

w Float of Star Batches Nominees

w Star look-a-like entries

5:00 PMShowdown of Star Icons (Your face sounds familiar format, please see guidelines for reference)

Presentation of Star of Batches

Pageant of Star-look-a-like entries

w a guest star (depending on availability)

Venue: SSU Gymnasium

Day 6



7:00 PMGrand Night of the Stars

Awarding of Batch Stars

Announcement and Awarding of the Star Alumnus of the Year (Outstanding Alumni Award)

Dance of the Stars (Curracha dance of nominees)

Raffle Draws

With Star Entertainment Numbers

Venue: SSU Grounds

Day 7



10:00 AMBeach Party

w raffle draws and games

w surprise guests

Venue: Sunshine Beach


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