2013 Essay Entry #10: Dream beyond UPCAT

 01 - 23 - 13
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Dream beyond UPCAT

by Von Jadersh Aculan

I started daydreaming a lot about studying in the University of the Philippines and I’m also wondering what would help me to enter that prestigious school everyone is dreaming of.
At a young age, I always make it to the point of thinking until I burst as a result of contemplating about these matters that may take my life into a lucrative and successful one.

I’m pretty addicted of knowing so much idea regarding review centers, and it does make sense.
I set many guidelines of choosing the best review center. One of those is a good teacher/mentor who will take an interest in why you chose their review center and will help you achieve your goals for the future; a teacher who’s courteous, professional and approachable. They should make sure to give their best and the attention everyone needs to experience and to feel comfortable learning their skills and ideas that you can gather and use for the UPCAT examination. If they demonstrate a positive attitude that makes you feel welcome, then the review center is worth a second look.

Another factor is well-designed facilities. Although it does not guarantee higher student achievement, it is still important because it can attract and make the student not to skip a day of classes. Parents can also ask about the qualifications of the teachers.

The background of the review center is the most important factor to look for when choosing the right review center; performance, credibility, and the power of giving the students the sufficient knowledge and time needed for them to be mentally ready. The review center must prioritize the students; they should not make their enrollees feel left out during class hours with their classmates.

Favoritism must also be avoided so that the students would not feel any awkwardness that they are being treated unequally. Choose the review center that will not only ensure your future going to your dream university but also the one that will benefit you from lower tuition fees.
How can you be sure if a review center is providing you straight and right answers?  There’s nothing wrong in checking how long a review center had been established. It can help you figure out what’s best for your children.

Depending on suggestions of your friends and relatives who had an experience with a review center is a good factor, too. They can easily help you out of your indecisive stage of choosing. If you want quality review classes then you should not look for a review center that will only cost too much of money. It’s just like flying to another country. Of course you want the best airline to take you to your destination, so expect for surprising rates that will cost you.
Look for the review center that are not conducting daily classes for you to have time for yourself and also the one who gives out homework that may help you and the review to be more effective.

The quality review materials are also one of the best guidelines of choosing the best review center. Why?  Because these serves as a good help to gain more points of knowledge that you can use for the upcoming UPCAT examination.
Whatever your choice is, UPCAT review centers will always be a guide towards your future, dreams, and goals. Just make everything possible and everything will turn out right. In the end, it is still in the hands of those who will take the opportunity to enter the strenuous, life-changing moment of everyone who dreamed of being one of those “Iskolar Para Sa Bayan”
Show your urge, eagerness, and confidence and you can be one of them. Don’t just rely on what you have learned before and on what you have obtained from your trusted and chosen review center. Give your best, trust yourself, think positive, conquer the fear, beat the UPCAT, and have faith in God.

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