1st Reg’l BayaniTAYO Forum empowers Student Leaders

 03 - 02 - 16
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Student leaders from Central Luzon joined the first regional Bayani The Association of Youth Organization (TAYO) formation and unleashed the power of heroism in building camaraderie despite of challenges of modern leadership held at the Ramon Magsaysay Technological University (RMTU) Main Campus, May 23- 24.

Participating the event are the 29 student organizations from RMTU Iba, Tarlac State University (TSU), Holy Angel University (HAU), University of the Assumption (UA), Mary the Queen College (MQC), Limay Polytechnic College (LPC), Tarlac College of Agriculture (TCA) and Republic Central Colleges (RCC) bringing 94 delegates separate from the facilitators and head personnel of the aforetold organization.

Noorain S. Sabdulla, a Moslem registered nurse and the founder of BayaniTAYO and Christian Paul S. Sunga, the forum’s chairperson along with the speaker- facilitators of the event from Central Luzon, Batangas and Nueva Vizcaya opened the program.

Nine groups were formed with students from different organizations and universities during the first morning session, May 23, to test their unity in each activity.

BayaniTAYO also highlighted each participants aspirations to contribute for the development of the Philippines.

The activity asserted the appreciation to the failures that happen ed, also to never stop achieving towards the goal even if you experience bumps, disagreements and loss.

“Supposed na lahat ng orgs na tinipon sa group are student publications, it is really overwhelming to see na hindi lang kami yung nakakaranas ng ganung situations and we should never stop to achieve. And we also learned na merong mga bagay na tinitreat namin na strength and weakness nila and vice versa,” Michael Rentino, RMTU-TBGP shared.

The TAYO night showcased each team’s presentation on Filipino remarkable cultures.

Jeffrey Cabal, RMTU psychology graduate shared the 5 E’s of leadership: engage, experience, excel, endure and elect. Engr. Gil G. Cruz from BPSU- The Guilds enunciated the importance of your history, your reason to do things, and to assess what you have done in order to grow as a leader (hanggang papel nalang ba ako?). Sabdulla was highlighted with her dictum religion is not a hindrance to become a leader.

Four panellists – speakers delivered messages which aim to designate hope in all challenges at all situations.

After which, selected participants were given the chance to ask the panelists about their advocacies and their motivation about nation building. They were also asked for some highlights of their journey as a nation builder.

Also, Sabdulla highlighted her dictum religion as not a hindrance to become a leader.

Meanwhile, the second day of the formation tested the students’ physical and group strength among with the cooperation and harmony on the road to finish the nine- levelled challenges.

| Danalyn Calimbas & Ruel Demain

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