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Posted on December 11, 2017

Muntik na tayo.  In the last two or three days of the competition, PUP was leading by about 26 gold medals against us.  This is the first time it happened since I became President of the RizalTech in 2010.  The lead was steadily whittled down in the last two days of the competition.

The reversal took place when the Sepak Takraw team won the gold against EARIST, a school which specializes in this sport and in Volleyball.  And then the Men’s Basketball Team won the gold against EARIST again who eliminated PUP in the cross-over.

The Women’s Basketball Team used its vastly-superior experience to beat PUP in overtime and against much-to-be-desired officiating. 

On Saturday, November 25, the Taekwondo team showed their superiority in this sport.  They won 11 gold medals. 

I flew to Mandalay, Myanmar to attend the History and Heritage Working Group Research Conference.  There I learned that the Table Tennis Teams have won the golds, and the one that I feared most did not happen.  The Badminton team, who I hardly see practicing, won the gold medals in both Men and Women categories!

PUP won the Women’s Volleyball gold but it would no longer have any bearing on the over-all outcome.  On the last day of competition, our Beach Volleyball team won the gold in both Men and Women events.

Final score:  119 gold medals for RTU, 104 gold medals for PUP.

Warning.  PUP is a great school and it has very good athletes.  We cannot relax.  Or else, we get so much used to winning, but if are lazy we can loose this Over-All Championship.

Forget it now.  Get back to work.

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