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School Name : Central Mindanao University
Acronym : CMU
School Type : Private
Academic Calendar : Bi-Semestral
Gender Admission : Male/Female
Religious Affiliation : Non-sectarian
Colors : Forest Green and Maize Yellow
Hymn : CMU Hymn
Motto : The Academic Paradise of the South; Top Agricultural University in Mindanao

How to contact the School?

Address : University Town, Musuan, Bukidnon 8710

Contact Number : (088) 356 1910

Email :

Website :

School Summary

Central Mindanao University is a public research university located at the heart of Mindanao Island in the Philippines, specifically at University Town, Musuan, Maramag, Bukidnon. It is one of the only two state universities in the province Bukidnon along with Bukidnon State University. One of the top performing universities in the country, it ranked 8th in the CHED 2011 top universities in the Philippines ranking.

Professional Regulations Commission Statistics

Overall Performance :
This data shows PRC Board Rating Statistics
All Profession : 9999 - 0

How much is the Tuition Fee?

Bachelor's degree Php 8,000-12,000 per year
Master's degree Php 540 per year

Are Financial Aid and Scholarship avaiable?

The Central Mindanao University is highly committed to admitting the best students and providing increased access to quality higher education. Central Mindanao University also provides other forms of financial assistance to qualified students applying or enrolled at the University

Scholarship Programs Offered:

  • CMU Sponsored Academic
  • CMU Sponsored Scholars
  • CMU Sponsored Non-Academic Scholars
  • Leadership Grant
  • Son/Daughter of CMU
  • Local Government Scholarship Based on Local Code 393
  • Sangguniang Kabataan Official Based on Local Code 434
For more information: 

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Post from Facebook

Published on 8:07 pm

For your guidance  po second batch of CMUCAT passers. Welcome to Central Mindanao University!

For your guidance po second batch of CMUCAT passers

For your guidance po second batch of CMUCAT passers. Welcome to Central Mindanao University! ... See MoreSee Less

For your guidance  po second batch of CMUCAT passers. Welcome to Central Mindanao University!Image attachmentImage attachment

Source: Central Mindanao University- OASP Admission and Placement Services


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Jia Mae Sing

Macoy Lumigoy

Angelica Florin Gonzaga Venancio

Florie May T. Hizo Cheryl Mercado

Ask lang ko. Pwedi po ba sa 27 magpa EnroLL??? I'm from surigao i need feedback thankyou.

Nice. Thank you for sharing

Melca Mery Pagayon Quioyo

Aljon España Solis

May Angelic Esperat Jomolo Kryzsha Palen Awatin

Jia Mae Sing

Wala po bang extension sa schedule na 'to? for students who are living outside Bukidnon Province? especially those in Ozamis or far more?

Ask lang ko if last naba ni nga pa exam for incoming first year.?

Pwede mag-ask Ma'am/Sir if pwedw ba i-move ang date sa imong napa-schedule nga date sa physical exam?

Ven Ten

Erika Jane

Lora Mia Pabro Igaran Neil Martinez Jigjig Almendarez Dagus

Mam sir pila diay passing score pls reply

Good evening. May I ask if it is necessary for those who are outside Bukidnon na Magpa physical exam and other health records in a Government Hospital? Here in Surigao City it depends if gaano katagal before makuha yung records and we can't afford to miss the enrollment date schedule. Thank you. Hoping for your response as soon as possible.

Peter Magsalay Romualdo diri uncle na page

Pwede pa mag take sa entrance exam ma'am/sir ?

She Cabatingan Villejo

Angelo Duna Shiela Jane Taña

Mickmick Lauronal Elgin CJ Zvi Mendoza

Angelo Angelo

Maryclaire Cabillan

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Published on 8:36 pm



Central Mindanao University is pleased to announce the results of SHSAT for SY 2019-2020. If you are one of the takers of this entrance examination last February 23-24 and March 3, 2019, you can now view your result by following the steps below:

1. Go to this link:;
2. Click "Register" button;
3. Select SHSAT to confirm your identity as one of the takers;
4. Input your first and last name;
5. Once verified, input necessary UniFAST requirements and complete the registration process by supplying your valid email address and password;
6. Click "Register" button;
7. Log-in using your email address and password to view your score; and
8. If you qualified for admission, please confirm your intention to enroll on or before May 6, 2019. Failure to do so means forfeiture of your slot. Ensure also to have appointment for physical examination at CMU Hospital through the system.

If there are any concerns, please feel free to contact us through our official email address:
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Source: Central Mindanao University- OASP Admission and Placement Services


Comment on Facebook

Good evening, please screenshot the page that has encountered problem so that we can fix it immediately. Thank you and God bless

good day!! kanus-a ang release sa 2nd batch sa cmucat? huhuhehe thank you po!

Hi? I would like to ask po when ang release ng results sa nagtake ng entrance exam last May 4? I hope u will notice my question po. Thank You!

Good evening. How to set your appointment in Physical Examination?

Good evening po kailan po ang results sa CMUCAT nung nag exam sa may 4? Hoping for your immediate response.. Thanks

Central Mindanao University- OASP Admission and Placement Services Ma'am/Sir, any update on the takers who were not in the list of takers in doorstep? Hoping for your positive response. Thank you!

Good afternoon CMU admins I would like to ask if when will you release the result of the examination last may 4 kay during the exam mn jud ingon to ang nag bantay namo nga we will know the result next week after the exam but until now kay wala pa😢Please CMU admins give us feedback or updates or what kay wla mi kabalo kung pasar ba mi or wala and if incase nga we/I did not pass the exam we can still find ways immediately....thanks😊

Sa mga waka pasar rehas nako haha, laban ta no. Naa purpose si God guys. Cheer Up! And sa mga naka pasar, congratulations guys deserve na nnyo. God Bless us all❤️

May i ask po if how to make a sched for my pe? Wala man guy link na i click or what. And how to know if confirmed na amoa slots?

Good evening, I just want ask if how to make an appoinment for my pe? Also, unsaon namo pagkabalo if naconfirm nami sa amoang slots? When sad ihatag ang confirmation slip & the forms?

Kinsay naka pa schedule na for Physical Examination? Unsaon? 😞

good day, mangutana lang unta ko on how to set an appointment schedule for physical examination?

Unsaon pag pa schedule sa physical exam guys?😔😭

Good day po sir/ma'am ilan po ba ang passing score nila for SHS? Thank you po

Unsa on pagkuha og schedule sa physical examination?

Somehow I feel happy nga wala ko nakapasar, wala na depress pero joyful Haha I don't know but I am happy with what I have :D

Okay dili nalang ko mag howat sa exam mo uli nalang kog cebu kay anah sila bsta dli daw ka ma notify pasabot ana wla ka kapasar😢😢💔💔

Unsaon pag confirm to enroll?



Hello, is something wrong with the website? A lot of us can't schedule an appointment. I've filled up and printed the necessary requirements, I thought you had to before the button to schedule an appointment would appear but there's nothing. I've been trying to contact since May 2 both email, messenger, and by calling the service number to no avail. Please reply

Your name is not in the list of the takers. If you did take the exam, please contact the OASP contact information provided in the site to verify the spelling of your name. “ moinani lagi akoa ay huhu help

Hi CMU! i took the exam last april and made an account online. But now, when i tried to log in, it says that my account does not exist. How do i solve this problem?

kaway kaway sa di kampante na ensured ilang slot maski naka fill up na sa student profile og nakabutang nag 2x2 picture HAHAHAHAHA

Unsaon pag sched sa physical examination? Wala lagi nabutang sa website.

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Published on 11:31 pm



The results of SHSAT for SY 2019-2020 will be released on or before May 2, 2019. There are still technical requirements that the OASP needs to comply. Please wait for further instruction.
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Source: Central Mindanao University- OASP Admission and Placement Services


Comment on Facebook

Advance congratulations manghud 😊👍

Hala oyyy

hi mga future classmates chill sa ta ha

May 2 yieeee wala parin huhu


so ano na??? MAY 2 na wa gyapoy updateeee? we're waiting bahalag di makapasar HAHAHA

If dili makapasar open ang Caraga Regional Science High School, assessment examination will be on May 6, 2019, please bring pencil, eraser, and sharpener. @ 8: 00 am, the interview will follow. Second option anyone 😉😊 Love you all 💖

Ganina ra diay ko naghulat kadlawon 😂

any updates? today is May 2, 2019 already

to my future classmates, chill lang sa ta guys basin walay naka pasar😂

Tabang mga langit

Kaway kaway sa mga nag hulataaa diha😂 gina check ni na page time to time😂 Balag wa pay sure makapasar😭

Tulog samo gi paasa ramo HAAHAHA

Wala na, finish na

Kamata nalang ko Ang RESULT WAH PA GYUD

hello po, paki reply naman neto, It's Already May 2,????? saan na po ang result??? mag ppaasaukan na kasi sa ibang school tas di namin alam if pasado kami dito, Kaya paki post na po.

So Unsa na lugar ni by? May 2 na wapa japon, Sg ratag asa ani guys kung nakapasar ba ta or wala. Haaay

May 2 naman WA pA jhapon

May 9 padaw. Chrt joooke 😆

May 2 na lagi.Wala pa ang result. Choos murag kapasar ko😂

Hiiii may 2 hapit na mag may 3.

Matulog nlang ko wala pa haha

asa nman ang result gi post

Hulat lang ta ani, bahalag ma lowbat kay way kurente😂

Say hi to your future classmates Ivann Nicolle Palabrica Sorima charot God Bless you 😘

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Published on 8:31 am


To those students who were not able to take CMUCAT in 2018 for SY 2019-2020, please be informed that the online application for May 4, 2019 CMUCAT is now available.

Kindly follow the steps below:
1. In the doorstep homepage, click “Register”.
2. Then click “CMUCAT”, as the test you wish to take.
3. Choose “Apply Online”.
4. Please fill-out all the information. Do not leave any item blank.
5. Then click “Submit”.
6. Kindly read thoroughly the prompt before you click “Confirm”.
7. Copy your unique “Application ID”.
8. Click “Proceed to Printing” the application form.
9. Input or paste your “Application ID”, then “Submit”.
10. Print the Application Form (In your printer, set the paper to 8.5 x 14 in but use 8.5 x 13 in paper.)
11. Paste two (2) pieces 1x1 ID picture in the boxes provided.
12. Submit the hardcopy of your CMUCAT Application Form to the OASP Personnel for approval, room assignment and time of examination. To those who live far from Bukidnon, please submit the application form on May 3, 2019. No need to worry, slots will be reserved for those who lived faraway from CMU.
13. Remember to keep your “Application ID” confidential. You will need it when the release of the CMUCAT results is already available.

You are now ready to apply online, please proceed to google search and type:
... See MoreSee Less

Source: Central Mindanao University- OASP Admission and Placement Services


Comment on Facebook

good evening admin. I would just like to ask when will be the result of the said exam posted? Thank you.

Good morning. Pwd pa retake ang wla nkapasar last exam? Thank you.

Central Mindanao University- OASP Admission and Placement Services Good am po. The system keeps on saying na something went wrong po after clicking the submit button. What should I do po?

Good morning ma,am and sir ..may result na po ba sa may 4 na takers? First year college po ako

Hindi daw po nag eexist yung application number ko. Ano po pwede gawin?

Good evening po kailan po ang results sa CMUCAT nung nag exam sa may 4? Hoping for your immediate response.. Thanks

I have been waiting for the result. When will be it posted? 😞

Hello, Ma'am&Sir, when will be the result of the admission test from the second takers?

Nasunog po school namin. Tapos di ko pa po nakuha card at deploma ko. Kasi d ako nka attend ng graduation my family problem kasi.. Pwede po ba mka enroll na wla ako mga papers?? 😫😫😫

Hello po. pwedi ba relatives ang magpasa sa imong form pagka may 3 if layo jud ka sa Bukidnon? same nako na taga davao.. tapos may 3 pa mubyahe draa? pwdi ba relatives lang ?

Unable to print the form po, exist lang ang lumalabas sa page. How do we print the form po??

dili lage gagawas ang application form bisan naa nay I.D ?

Good day ma'am/sir For those who had taken the examination last year but failed to pass are they still able to access this? To retake the test? Hopefully it's a yes ❤️

Can anyone here please enlighten me. Please! Deadline of application is on May 3, 2019 and then the examination will be held on May 4, 2019. Tama?

for those people who are planing on filling up a form for CMUCAT my advise for you people is to use PC.

Good morning admin.Humana kog fill up via online. Aha dapit makita ang e print nga application form? Wala man gud ko ka receive ug email pareha sa ched ba para ma print dayon. Notice me po

excuse me, bakit hindi ma print yung application form?

Good Noon Maam/Sir :) Ill just ask kung hindi pa po binibigay yung Certification of Graduation sa school, okay lang po ba if to be followed na?

Nganong pag mag Print na BLANK rajud ang mugawas saakoa ay. 😑

idk what exactly is going on but the application number given is not accepted whenever i submit it.

if ever I passed the cmucat, pwede bang mag pa enroll agad? Im from davao del norte po kasi. malayo din yung sa amin

Good Evening, Can I ask ug unsay schedule sa exam? Whole Day siya? or???

maam/sir ngano dili na makasukod akong Email Address nga gibutang sir/maan anga maka sulod paman ku atong last week need help plss

how about senior highschool? naa pa achievement test kron may?

Good morning maam / sir how about sa katung wla nka pasar pwedi pa maka take balik?

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Post from Twitter

Published on 8:08 am

Twitter feed video.
Image for the Tweet beginning: Stakeholder Training On Flood Hazard

DLL is in need of a Spanish Instructor for 1st Semester, SY 2019-2020 #CMUJobs #SpanishTeacher

DLL is in need of a Spanish Instructor for 1st Semester, SY 2019-2020


Source: CMU Today

Published on 8:08 am

Twitter feed video.
Image for the Tweet beginning: DLL is in need of

Enroll Now in Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies (BAELS)

Enroll Now in Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies (BAELS)!


Source: CMU Today

Published on 2:05 am


HIRING: DLL is need of a Spanish Instructor for 1st Semester, SY 2019-2020.


Source: CMU Today

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    LOOK: Online Faculty Evaluation System (2nd Sem, SY 2018-2019) is until May 3, 2019 only. Please accomplish your online evaluation now! Information from Cmu-doi Musuan

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