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Published on 6:10 pm

Know How to Become a Proactive Student at University

Know how to become a proactive student at university

by Sara JonesIn current days every student wants to become proactive, especially when studying in university. Proactive students take proper control of their life and move forward to achieve their lifetime goals instead of depending on others. They are good planners and create new opportunities by their own. It means that you can also take your own decisions and

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Published on 11:55 am

Study in world’s art and culture hub: france

by Swati SrivastavaFrance is amongst the world's most popular study abroad destinations are certainly no surprise. The place occupies a distinctive place in our collective imagination. From the refined sophistication and history of its cities, to its renowned food and wine, to the stunning scenery – think green forests, virgin beaches and mighty rivers –

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Published on 11:06 am

Touchy feel-y: best careers for hands on learners

by Brooke ChaplanKinesthetic learners make up 10-20 percent of the population, yet many of them are trapped in dull or frustrating jobs dominated by the other 80 percent. If you don't want to find yourself trapped in a cubicle with no discernible outlet, here are just a few careers better-suited for touchy-feely people who learn and operate better


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Published on 6:33 pm

Launch Your Career in Supply Chain Management

Launch your career in supply chain management

by Swati SrivastavaSupply chain management is an emerging career option among all the unconventional areas of work. With job opportunities available in a wide range and sizes of industries, many students are pursuing courses in supply chain management. The following post gives an overview of the respective field.All the large and small organizations rely on

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Published on 5:10 pm

Five Genius Tips for an Effective Study Session

Five genius tips for an effective study session

by Annette HazardStudents are always looking out for the latest way to study smarter, not necessarily harder. Whether a person is getting an OU masters of engineering management degree or just trying to keep an A in Calculus, the types of study habits one employs can often make a difference between passing and failing. No serious student pays so much money to attend

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Published on 11:46 am

Five Online Classes You Should Take for Fun

Five online classes you should take for fun

by Annette HazardSometimes we need to expand our minds a little. It’s good to take courses just to learn something new. People used to do this all the time at their local community colleges, but today things are a little different. Often work schedules and growing families can make it difficult to fit in something like a “fun” class into our schedules. Luckily,

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Published on 11:40 am

On the fast track – 5 suggestions for graduating from college faster

by Dixie Somers The average college student completes a degree in about eight semesters of full-time study -- that's about four years. As you draw closer to finishing your degree, you might find other opportunities that are pulling at your time and attention. Perhaps you have exciting opportunities to travel, or promising job prospects that would require you to commit

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Published on 4:42 am

5 Reasons You Should Consider a Career as a Travel Agent

5 reasons you should consider a career as a travel agent

People often don't think about becoming travel agent. However, those who look into it quickly realize that there are a number of great career options in front of them. In addition to having a fun job, travel agents have a number of additional benefits not available in other career fields. Here are some of the advantages of working as a travel agent.Help


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Published on 12:01 pm

Want a job after graduation? 5 majors with the highest job placement rates

by Dixie SomersWith the cost of college tuition at its peak and the unemployment rate skyrocketing out of control, one of the biggest fears among college students is that they will not get hired after graduation, and thus will have wasted four years and thousands of dollars. Choosing a major is hard enough without the added stress of worrying whether or not one will

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Published on 12:23 pm

Three Study Habits You Need to Change in College

Three study habits you need to change in college

by Annette HazardWhether you are studying for your masters of public relations or your veterinary technician certification, these three bad study practices will undermine your success. They are: • Failure to Prioritize • Procrastinating • Perfectionism  Set and stick to priorities When you neglect to get your priorities in order, it is inevitable


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Published on 12:07 pm

Science major? 5 things to make sure you have before the semester starts

by Tricia BorrenAre you about to go back to school, but haven't quite finished shopping? As the next quarter starts, it's important to make sure you're equipped to learn the most you can Here's five tools the aspiring science major can't get through college without. A good camera For almost any scientific discipline, a good camera is essential because it allows you

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