Three Study Habits You Need to Change in College

 02 - 24 - 14
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by Annette Hazard

Whether you are studying for your masters of public relations or your veterinary technician certification, these three bad study practices will undermine your success. They are:
• Failure to Prioritize
• Procrastinating
• Perfectionism

Three Study Habits You Need to Change in College


Set and stick to priorities

When you neglect to get your priorities in order, it is inevitable that you will wind up attempting to do too many things at one time. Just like juggling one too many balls at a time will lead to loss of control of all of them, so will the failure to prioritize your goals lead to difficulties in achieving them.
It is vital to keep your number-one goal in mind during your college career, which is the achievement of whatever degree you aspire to. This semester’s priorities that support your meeting your main goal should be written down. It is from this list that you can then priorities the current semester’s goals and from that your daily schedule.

Now that you have your top goal, current priorities such as classes and assignments listed as well as your daily study schedule, it is time to fine-tune the setting of your priorities.
Anticipate anything that might interrupt the completion of your daily schedule such as text messaging and attending spontaneous social invitations. Decide in advance how much time you can allow and when you can enjoy these necessary but secondary college endeavors. Know when you will need to shut down your electronics, pass on invitations and stick to your schedule. You will find that prioritizing and organizing are two helpful habits that work together and that in achieving one you have acquired a grip on the other.

Now is the time

Procrastination is a tempting and easy habit to form. Before you know it, you have procrastinated all the way to the end of the semester. Now that one miss-step of procrastinating has led to a whole pack of bad habits such as the need to pull all-nighters, fatigue, junk-food and caffeine to keep you awake, extreme pressure and heavy anxiety.

Knowing why you procrastinate in the first place can empower you to break this success killing habit. One reason for procrastination is that you imagine you have more time than you do to complete the work. A second is that you underestimate how long a task will take. A simple fix for that is to allow more time in your schedule than you think it will take to complete the job. Another reason for procrastination is that you imagine you will feel more like doing the work tomorrow than you do now. This is just not true. Tomorrow you will not feel any differently than you do right now so stick to your plan.

Your best is perfect

The final rock that trips us up on our journey to achievement is perfectionism. Doing your best by paying attention to your goals and priorities, denying yourself the momentary pleasure of procrastinating by scrolling through your Facebook posts will lead to a grand effort known as “your personal-best”. Your best is ideal.

Guest Post by Annette Hazard
Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that usually writes about business and finance.

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