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 09 - 22 - 14
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by Heather Davie

One–way school life ends, where the preentry training starts. There comes a time of life-changing decisions and hard work. Later, when an upper-former begins to fill in admission application, he understands that it will be hard to blow admission officer’s socks off with mere exam scores only, especially if they leave much to be desired. In this case application essay is students’ last hope.

Of course, one shouldn’t exaggerate its meaning, though very often it becomes a crucial element, which can influence admission officer’s decision. People, who have cut their teeth on writing college application essays, know what to pay attention at, when producing an effective admission essay.

According to a recently-published article on education at the, the first thing of major importance is topic. The main task, while choosing a topic, is to make your text “alive.” It means that you shouldn’t write about your daily routine, or how you care about the environment. It should be something outstanding, unusual, like, for example, how some event has changed your life or how you met someone who has influenced your life perception.

Even if the title of your essay has not caught admission officer’s eye – do not be upset. You still have a chance to change the situation for the better. Your next ace in the hole is captivating opening of the text. Remember that your goal is to stick in memory. For this reason start the essay with some provocative, intriguing question or statement for the reader to see that the most exciting is still to come.

The plot of the essay should also keep the reader on the edge of his seat. If your story is far from being a thrilling one, you can make it of such kind with the help of some tricks. You may, for instance, add some humor to the text or start narration not from the beginning, but from the end. In a nutshell, be creative, but do not go over the top of originality.

Finally, make the ending of the essay an unordinary one. You may close the essay with conclusions or plans for the future. Let yourself dream about further course of events concerning your self-development or studies at higher educational establishment. It would be also great to end up the essay with some facts you have not mentioned in the text.

Guest Post by Heather Davie
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