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 04 - 19 - 14
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by Swati Srivastava

Supply chain management is an emerging career option among all the unconventional areas of work. With job opportunities available in a wide range and sizes of industries, many students are pursuing courses in supply chain management. The following post gives an overview of the respective field.

All the large and small organizations rely on supply chain management (SCM) professionals to maintain the flow of their goods and services. But, what is SCM?

supply chain management

Supply Chain Management- An Overview

SCM includes business activities involved to manage all the products and services, from the delivery of finished goods to raw material sourcing. Various industries like computer hardware, food & beverage, automotive, pharmaceuticals and electronics rely on SCM for the effective delivery of goods and services.

This field involves collaboration with customers, suppliers, third-party service providers, and intermediaries. SCM also includes other activities such as inventory tracking, warehousing, order management, raw material sourcing, manufacturing, and timely delivery to customers.

Why Pursue a Career in Supply Chain Management?

Many people are pursuing a course in supply chain management due to the increasing career opportunities in the field. SCM professionals seek high demand in different job profiles. Take a look at some of them:

Purchasing: The different roles included in this segment can be acquisition manager and purchasing manager. Professionals in such roles are mainly involved in direct buying, negotiating contract, coordinating material management and locating suppliers.

Forecasting: This specialty of SCM includes various roles such as supply chain planners, analysts, and project managers. These people are skilled in using quantitative and analytical methods to manage supply chain process. The focus in forecasting remains on identifying problems and improving the overall performance of SCM.

Customer Service: Different job roles in customer service, including distribution coordinator, customer order managers and logistics coordinators are skilled people in planning and directing the entire activities of customer service teams to ensure accurate orders and efficient shipment.

Fulfillment: Job titles in this segment include job roles like distribution team leader, center supervisor and fulfillment supervisor. Professionals in such positions are responsible for shipping, receiving and storing products, apart from supervising other related activities.

Storage and Distribution: Warehouse operations managers, delivery managers and logistics director are some of the popular positions involved in storage & distribution. These SCM professionals are skilled in filling orders, inventory management and receiving goods across the globe.

Where to Study SCM Courses?

Many institutes in India offer diploma and Postgraduate Diploma courses in Supply Chain Management. Some of the reputed colleges in India that offer SCM courses include:
• Indian Institute of Materials Management, Bangalore (MBA in Supply Chain Management)
• Vivekananda College of Empowerment, Kolkata (Diploma in Supply Chain Management)
• Indian Institute of Logistics, Chennai (Diploma in Logistics & SCM)
• St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata (PG Diploma in Logistics & SCM)
• National Institute of Retail & Management (NIRM), Mumbai (Advance diploma in Retail SCM)

Skills Needed?

In order to find a career in this competitive, yet rewarding field, an aspiring candidate needs to possess certain important skills such as communication skills, leadership qualities, negotiation skills and team work. Apart from these traits, the basic knowledge of SCM concepts such as procurement, distribution strategy, planning, logistics and risk management is also important.

The technical knowledge of the field can easily be gained by enrolling in any SCM course from a reputed institution. So, get ready to launch your career with a right mix of industry knowledge, skills, and positive attitude.

Guest Post by Swati Srivastava
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