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EntranceUniversity offers the following advertising packages. Your rates will be locked-in for the entire period of your subscription. Advertisements are fixed and non-rotating.Acceptable image formats are  gif, jpeg, png, swf and flash. For ad implementation inquiries please contact [email protected]

Take advantage of our special advertising rates in yearly, semiannual, monthly and weekly basis. 

160 x 600 pixels -Wide Skyscraper GIF/JPG/PNG/ SWF/FLASH Format
Visible in Left Sidebar of News and Blog Pages
Php 150,800 / year
Php 145,900 / 6 month
Php 14,050 / month
Php 3,800 / week
336 x 280 pixels -Medium Rectangle GIF/JPG/PNG/SWF/FLASH Format
Visible in Right Sidebar News and Listing Category Pages
Php 145,800 / year
Php 87,900 / 6 month
Php 10,050 / month
Php 2,600 / week
900×100 pixels- Header Banner GIF/JPG/PNG/SWF/FLASH Format
Visible in Header of Directory Listings
Php 160,500/ year
Php 80,300 / 6 month
Php 13,900 / month
Php 3,870 / week

Tell us your preferred ad size. We are also open for other ad types and format. Let us know your suggestions by emailing us at [email protected]

We get around 60,000 Page views / week (~8500 page views per day) or even higher.  Depending on certain period (e.g. admission period or long weekends), visitors may increase or decrease from time to time.

Approximately 85% of our visitors from direct and organic traffic are new visitors on a well defined niche. Our ads are highly targeted so we could help you increase your visibility through online advertising to get to your potential customers.


We prefer payment methods such as Google Wallet, Western Union Quick Cash Payments, Bank Transfers, G-cash, Smart Money and Cebuna Luilier .Our payment details will be sent to you after completing the Ad Placement Order form to process the  payment transaction.