About our Services

Students need to be able to compare schools and choose one that greatly meets their career needs. Likewise, institutions need a platform where they can gauge and select deserving candidates.


EntranceUniversity.com is an online directory that works to connect  students and  institutions through listing all relevant information on thousands of technical schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines. Students can use the site to search through several schools and institutions to get one that best suits their career goals in terms of the courses offered, facilities, fees and other services. Institutions can also benefit from the site, by getting deserving candidates who are eligible for courses they offer. The site not only consolidates information about students and schools, but also government schemes, private financing opportunities as well as foundations.


Benefits of EntranceUniversity.com to Institutions of Learning:

Over 50000 students visit the EntranceUniversity.com website each month in search of information about various courses, programs, schools and universities. As an institution, the website offers you an opportunity to easily advertise yourself to a wider student base. Eligible students will then get in touch with you and enroll for programs in your institution that matches their search. You will be able to list all the features that set your institution apart such as your facilities, programs specialties and any other unique services that you offer. In a nutshell, the benefits of listing your institution on the EntraceUniversity.com directory include: 

  • Increased visibility to target students who are seeking higher education opportunities
  • Access leads for prospective students, resulting in an increased enrolment rate
  • Direct enquiries from students about your institution
  • A greater understanding of student demands through tracking their enquiries
  • An opportunity to find out how students rate your school, based on alumni testimonials
  • A great way of marketing your services


Benefits to the Students:

Selecting the right school to advance your career is a great decision that you can make and normally has a lifetime impact. A good institution is usually determined by the programs it offers, availability of scholarships and other funding opportunities, facilities, overall ranking as well as popularity. Having several options to choose from under one website will help you identify the right institution easily, rather than having to visit the schools site by site to make comparisons. As a student, the benefits you get from EntranceUniversity.com are numerous: 

  • An opportunity to browse through thousands of institutions and choose one that best suits your academic and financial needs. This can be done in a matter of minutes.
  • You will be able to find out what financial aid each school offers and get great scholarship opportunities to better manage your college finances. You can also source for grants and federal loans through the website as it also lists financial institutions such as foundations and government schemes
  • Analyze admission statistics and read testimonials on your prospective school to understand what to expect, its pros and cons and overall rating in terms of performance and popularity
  • Get to know what academic majors/ minors are offered
  • Know admission and entrance exam dates, eligibility criteria and other pertinent details required for enrolling at your prospective school.
  • Interact with other students and learn more on campus life
  • Understand the facilities available for first generation goers in each institution and choose the best

What Sets EntranceUniversity.com Apart

The site is the fastest growing and most informative with a comprehensive directory of thousands of institutions in the Philippines. In the past two years, the site has grown by 300 per cent, attracting over 5 million searches in 2013. Other great factors that set us apart include:

  • A committed and dedicated team that sources up to date information on the schools from the internet and real world. The listings are reviewed on a continuous basis, remaining accurate.
  • We bring you all information that you need to know about each school including testimonials from alumni, admissions, charges, campuses, programs and any other relevant processes and services.
  • We make it easy for schools to be found by the right students by categorizing them into study type, location, region, courses, fees and any other relevant clusters.
  • The site is constantly found on the first page of popular search engines, providing highest visibility for all schools listed and giving students an ability to easily compare facilities and make informed choices.