Top 5 Skills Employers Look For In Fresh University Graduates

Students commonly believe that choosing the right major will get them their desired job. But they do not know that besides opting for the right major, their professional success will depend more on acquiring the right skills that are required for a rapidly changing work environment.

We have seen for a long time that companies normally do not prefer hiring fresh graduates since they do not want to waste time on their training. But today, the landscape of recruitment has completely changed. Now, employers usually prefer hiring fresh graduates as compared to hiring people with experience, skills or grades, since investing on graduates help the employers and the company to a great extent.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the top qualities that employers look for in new graduates:

1. Excellent Communication Skills

The top-most quality that employers seek in fresh graduates is the ability to communicate well, both verbally and in writing. Communication is a two-way process. It refers to the ability of conveying your message to another party, and at the same time, asking for feedback. Employers look for graduates who are comfortable while speaking with others, have the ability to communicate cross-culturally, can build strong relationships and accept significant challenges with enthusiasm. They seek such graduates who can apply the content of their studies practically, and learn from feedback that follows.

2. Strong Sense Of Work Ethics And Honesty

Employers love hiring graduates who possess a good sense of work ethics and are honest about their work. Many employers give priority to attitude as they think that other skills can be taught. They prefer graduates who value professional attitude over other things, plus who are not anxious about getting a promotion or a salary raise. They go for those graduates who are delighted to be trained in order to have a successful career ahead. Employers consider those graduates ideal who aren’t arrogant but disciplined and flexible. They seek people who are always willing to teach, and possess empathy, pride and integrity.

3. Critical Thinking And Analytical/Technical Skills

The ability to think critically about complex problems and develop workable solutions is a skill that is usually acquired by students at the university level. No matter what major you’re studying, your coursework often requires you to think critically. Since employees are constantly challenged in the workplace with complex problems, employers say that graduates must possess the ability to be creative and innovative in solving problems critically. They want graduates who not only turn up to work every day, but also be able to become a part of the business. They want individuals who know their strengths and weaknesses.

4. Self-Motivation And Ability To Take Initiatives

One more element that employers look for when recruiting graduates is self-motivation and flexibility. According to employers, an outstanding candidate is one who is always willing to have a go and do his best, while embracing change and accepting challenges. Employers prefer candidates who are best at demonstrating initiatives and prove to be a supportive and valued team member.

5. Ability To Work In Teams

Employers look for candidates who are able to work well in teams with different people, are prepared to learn, take advice and ready to become a part of the company and its culture. Having the ability to become a member of the team is one of the most desirable qualities that employers look for in fresh graduates. The graduates should be eager to learn and have the ability to take advantage of every opportunity they get.

Guest Post by Shane Watson
Shane Watson is an educational expert at Assignmentlabs, a leading educational consultancy service in UK, where his goal is to help students with their educational problems. Along with it, he is also a major contributor to more similar academic consulting services.

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