7 Great Habits Of Highly Efficient And Successful College Students

 09 - 12 - 13
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Efficiency is not something which is inborn. It is something which is learned and developed with time. Highly efficient students aren’t just born that way. They achieve efficiency and success by developing and applying effective study habits.
The key to effective studying isn’t studying longer for hours, rather it is studying smarter. In this article, we will describe some of the most important habits of highly efficient students that will help you reach your full potential as a learner:
Habit #1: They Plan Their Time
Highly efficient college students have the habit of planning their time accordingly. Throughout the week, they allocate a specific time to their studies and stick to it. Students who do not plan their time and never follow a schedule do not perform well as compared to students who do have a proper schedule for their studies and other activities.
Habit #2: They Are Proactive
Being proactive is another amazing habit of successful college students. They are responsible, have the ability to take initiative, can choose their own actions, attitudes and moods, and never blame others for their own actions. Students who are proactive usually sit in the front row their class because they are keen to learn new concepts actively. They usually introduce themselves to other good students in the class and visit their professor’s office when they encounter any problem in order to know acquire the guidance of their mentor.
Habit #3: They Set Priorities
Another habit of bright students is that they are disciplined and organized and spend their time on tasks that are most important. It means that they say “no” to things that they know they shouldn’t do. Efficient students always arrive early to their class, read chapters the day before they are discussed in the class and start studying a few months before the exams.
Habit #4: They Know How To Divide Their Study Sessions
Efficient students typically divide their work into short study sessions and never stuff their study sessions with all subjects at once. They are consistent in their studies and always try to get short breaks as well so that they can tackle their complex work with an active mind.
Habit #5: They Have The Ability To Work In Groups
Working in groups enables you to get timely help from other students when you’re having any problem in understanding a particular concept. It also helps complete your assignments more quickly. But if study groups aren’t structured or if the members haven’t prepared anything beforehand, they can turn out to be very ineffective. Efficient students always form study groups with other students in order to prepare effectively for assignments and exams. They share their successful strategies with other students and ask for theirs in return.
Habit #6: They Set Goals
Studying without any specific goal isn’t effective at all. In order to become an effective student, you must know what you have to accomplish during each study session. Efficient students identify what they expect to learn by the end of their semester. They also identify the learning objectives at the start of every class session. They become an important part of their classroom and contribute to the mission and values of their college.

Habit #7: They Seek To Understand First

Highly efficient students listen attentively to other people’s ideas and feelings. They try to see things from others’ viewpoints. Whenever they meet their professors at college, they never hesitate to bombard them with questions so that they can learn more. They also ask them to provide feedback for their performance throughout each course.
Kristen Lynch

Kristen Lynch

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