MSAE 2013-2014 Application form

Mapua Institute of Technology-MIT Admissions Office will start accepting applicants for Batch 2013 on July 16, 2012.Graduates of accredited high schools may be admitted as freshmen on the basis of the following:
  • Performance in the MapĂșa Scholastic Aptitude Examination (MSAE)
  • Quotas and other provisions as required by the chosen program
The following are required in applying for the entrance examination: 
1. Fully accomplished application form
2. Certificate of candidacy for graduation
3. Two (2) pictures, size 1.5" x 1.5"
4. Exam fee

Submit the application requirements together with the completely filled-out application form at least three (3) weeks before your desired examination date.
Intramuros Campus
  • October 27, 2012
  • November 10, 2012
  • November 24, 2012
  • December 15, 2012
Makati Campus
  • October 20, 2012
  • December 8, 2012
Provincial  Testing Centers
View the  schedule of exam of applicants coming from the provinces

International Testing Centers 
View the schedule of exam of applicants  from Middle east
View the schedule of exam of international  applicants

MSAE covers the areas of Verbal and Numerical aptitude. Subject tests are also given, covering specific areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer. 

The examination results, with the date of and requirements for enrollment (for eligible ones), are mailed to applicants.

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