SHS (Cavite State University) Entrance Exam Results 2011

Results of the SHS Entrance Examination - AY 2011-2012
Below are  the passers of
 the March 08, 2011, Cavite State University Laboratory Science High School

 Top 3 Examinees
1. Orion Arlenus P. Dimapilis   ---Mendez Central School -- 88.5,
2.  Franzeska Mari e Mojica -----Trece Martires City Elementary School ---- 86.8. Our Lady of Remedios 3.  Aldous Humphrey C.---------- BasanMontessori Colege, .

FOR AY 2011-2012

1 Dimapilis,Orion Arlenus P.                Mendez Central School 88.5
2 Mojica, Franzeska Marie Trece Martires City Elementary School 86.8
3 Basan, Aldous Humphrey C. Our Lady of Remedios Montessori 86.7
4 Arorong, Michelle Elizabeth H. Dansart Angels Academy 86.4
5 Matreo, Mariel Fatima D. CvSU -Child Development Center 85.9
6 Cenizal, Frances Jholeen B. Mendez Central School 85.8
7 Gomez, Jacolo M. Indang Central Elementary School 85.6
8.5 Irabagon, Madeleine L. Immaculate Conception Academy - SSGS 85.1
8.5 Rodrin, Coleen Jan Alexa Buna Lejos Elementary School 85.1
10 Pulido, Trisha Gerlynn H. Indang Central Elementary School 84.9
11.5 Leyran, Jeromira Luz V. Victorious Christian Montessori 84.7
11.5 Monsanto, Peniel Jabez E. Tropical Innovative School of Excellence 84.7
13 Peralta, Patricia Cecilia R. La Asuncion Montessori of Tagaytay 84.3
14 Vedan, Von Andre V. Amadeo Elementary School 84.2
15.5 Roberto, John Maru V. La Asuncion Montessori of Tagaytay Inc. 83.7
15.5 Gaddi, Alexandra Louisse V. Trece Martires City Elementary School 83.7
18 Tejero, Raye Justin Saint Augustine School 83.5
18 Buenaventura, Angelika  Mataas Na Lupa Elementary Schoool 83.5
18 Carandang, Allyza Maryse L. Buna Lejos Elementary School 83.5
20 Alas, Edliz Gale T. Sto Niño De Praga Academy 83.4
21 Vergabera, Marx Lennin V. Alfonso Central School 83.3
22 Alegre, Ivy Faith C. Mendez Central School 83.1
26 Viaje, Cedric Lance A. Dei Gracia Academy 83.0
26 Sustrina, Brian Angelo R. Saint Gregory Academy 83.0
26 Tigcal, Jan Jordan H. Indang Central Elementary School 83.0
26 Romanes, Pol Andrei A. Nazarene Christian School 83.0
26 Ferraer, Jestine Marcel P. Perpetual Cavite Institute 83.0
26 Guiao, Lenar Rae J. Trece Martires City Elementary School 83.0
26 Rodil, Pamela Mae G. CvSU -Child Development Center 83.0
30 Mojica, Carl Jershey A. Mataas Na Lupa Elementary Schoool 82.8
31 Sesma, Ma. Petrecia Sofia R. CvSU -Child Development Center 82.7
32 Vicedo, Ria Rocel D. Indang East Elementary School 82.6
35 Novero, Cybil Jane L. CvSU -Child Development Center 82.5
35 Marasigan, Gabrielle Angelo C. CvSU -Child Development Center 82.5
35 Lopez, Mary Anne R. Buna Lejos Elementary School 82.5
35 Rafallo, Earl Kimley R. Indang Central Elementary School 82.5
35 Hernandez, Rean Nicole S. Amadeo Elementary School 82.5
38.5 Lladones, John Siegler N. Trece Martires City Elementary School 82.4
38.5 Grajo, Armina Notre Dame 82.4
41.5 Anuat, Jesreen M. Indang Central Elementary School 82.3
41.5 Bauyon, Riza G. Calumpang Lejos Elementary School 82.3
41.5 Angcao, Justine L. Amadeo Elementary School 82.3
41.5 Eraña, Lexarth G. Indang Central Elementary School 82.3
44 Nueva, Florisa Anne P. CvSU -Child Development Center 82.2
45.5 Piedad, Grace Ann M. Indang Central Elementary School 82.1
45.5 Sierra, Arienne Simoun B. Dei Gracia Academy 82.1
47 Coching, Caesar Louis Zion O. Daanghari Elementary School 82.0
48.5 Manguiat, Yssa Mariella L. Indang Central Elementary School 81.9
48.5 Sandoval, Charles Daeniel G. Krislizz International Academy 81.9
50.5 Rosarda, Alynna R. Indang Christian Academy 81.8
50.5 Escaño, Jan Denniel B. CvSU -Child Development Center 81.8
53 Valentino, Alyssa Joy L. New Generation International School 81.7
53 Ramos, Jana Mariz M. Agus - os Elemenatary School 81.7
53 Logdat, Lyka Marie C. Amore International School 81.7
55 Vicedo, Vince Augustine S. Braintrust Learning Center Inc. 81.6
56 Vergara, Sohfia Jesse N. Saint Gregory Academy 81.5
58 Napila, Karlo James S. Indang Christian Academy 81.4
58 Cipriano, Zyrille Anne V. Buna Lejos Elementary School 81.4
58 Cueno, Kathleen S. Buna Lejos Elementary School 81.4
61 Joven,Glenn Jerald Z. CvSU -Child Development Center 81.3
61 Montemayor, Ijay N. Mendez Nuñes Montessori 81.3
61 Pejana, Melvin T. Calumpang Lejos Elementary School 81.3


63 Puenteblanca, Samuel Ryan Krislizz International Academy 81.1
64 Ramirez, Crisha Mae P. Mendez Christian Academy 81.0
66 Austral, Karl Ivan S. CvSU -Child Development Center 80.9
66 Rodil, Nikki Lou R. CvSU -Child Development Center 80.9
66 Amurao, Dana Lei S. Indang Central Elementary School 80.9
69 Gallangi, Stevenson T. Lyceum of Cavite East 80.8
69 Alvaran, Neacail F. CvSU -Child Development Center 80.8
69 Malabanan, Rea Indang Central Elementary School 80.8
71.5 Escallar, Kate Lorraine E. Kayquit Elementary School 80.7
71.5 Gatdula, Von Reimonn C. Indang Central Elementary School 80.7

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